The FlyBuilt team is your digital partner in 2023 too.

Bigger team, more capacity, faster execution.

Entrust your website's operation and maintenance to us even in 2023.

Hosting service
The monthly fee includes
Updating WordPress and plugins
The monthly fee includes
Monthly regular backup
The monthly fee includes
Responsive website
The monthly fee includes
Business email addresses
The monthly fee includes
Domain renewal
The monthly fee includes

2023-as üzemeltetés

A videó csak 7 perc

Normal Flybuilt maintenance

Összesen bruttó 6 500 Ft / hó

Do you need more than this?

Monthly detailed report
Monthly detailed report, including a security report and a list of performed updates, as well as a log of all changes made on your website
Napi rendszerességű backup
It saved many people
1 hour of availability
Thanks to our team, this can be anything from graphic design, web development to administrative tasks

Extended Flybuilt maintenance

Total gross monthly cost is 22,000 HUF

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