We will respond immediately,
We work quickly,
We plan for the long term.

International quality at domestic prices

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Weboldal készítés árak (Budapest)
Belépő szintű üzleti weboldal200.000 – 400.000 Ft
Professzionális üzleti weboldal500.000 – 1.500.000 Ft
Prémium üzleti weboldal1.500.000 Ft-tól

Nálunk már 145 000 Ft-tól lehet weboldalad

Digital marketing

Let's boost your online presence

A professional digital team at Your service

A new website quickly

We will be with you from start to finish during the implementation

Website renovation

I need a complete website overhaul
I need a few hours of assistance

Requesting a price quote immediately

I need it for a tender
or price comparison
I would like a new website

Do you want a website?

Appear online, even within a few weeks!
We will create the tool for you to quickly access the opportunities provided by the online world.

Will you have a webshop?

Do you want to reach more customers with your products?
We will help you!

Do you only need a few settings?

We maintain a continuous online work log, so we can help anytime, even if you only have a few questions.

COVID care?

That is why we were created, to help in this situation.
Now, when digital transformation is needed more than ever.

We guarantee our work!


We keep international trends and expectations in mind. We do not provide you with average Hungarian quality. We think long-term.

Responsive and everything your acquaintances usually ask for.


We don't run away with your money and you can always reach us. We even have tutorial videos. There has never been a bad word said about us. We will be your web partners.

We will immediately teach you how to understand the operation of your website.


We don't put your project on the shelf. As soon as we agree, you will notice that it is completed immediately.

We will need your project folder, texts, images, and moodboard as well.

Years of experience
Won tender

Frequently Asked Questions

Every job is different, we like to start working on it really from the very beginning. 
Our fastest work was completed in 2 days, but on average it takes around 1 month from signing the contract to invoicing.
But this also depends on your cooperation.

Of course, you can see all of them under the 'References' menu.

You might recognize the following websites, which we also created:

Szikra coworking, BeBrand Agency, Mentor Tribe, Armztrong, Önfejlesztőkháza, Szerszámállomás, Esküvön Rajzoló, DTG Shop, Playsic, Sutura, Novopack,
Camp Offline, Delibox, Ataraxia, Nr1 Media, Robotlány, Daruskocsis és még sok más…

Of course, at the end of the projects we send a satisfaction survey, and if you are open to it, we can even make an interview video with you.
We love to receive feedback, evaluate them and thus we can help future partners even better.

The core team has been involved in website and branding design for over 10 years, but we have officially been working together under the name FlyBuilt since August 20, 2020.

Thanks to our old acquaintance, we not only work well together, but also understand each other as friends.
Minden hónapban új és új történeteket, és embereket ismerünk meg.

That they always think of us as professionals and recommend us further.

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  • During the collaboration, we also use Google Drive

It was great to work with the Magenta Kraft team and incorporate the knowledge of the mentors into our own processes. We have received many recommendations since then."

  • Project name
  • Location/opening hours
  • Payment method
  • Company information
  • Determination
  • 3 sentences about your company

Over the past years, we have participated in numerous discussions, brainstorming sessions, and idea exchanges. Step by step, we have developed into a professional service provider and a highly effective creative team. We can easily help you overcome any obstacles and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Optimize your operations with us, read our answers. 

Our partners

What they said about us

"We have worked with Tamás on several projects over the years, and he always responds quickly and effectively to inquiries."
Zita Koniorczyk
Online marketing expert
"Tamás's creativity and work ethic always greatly contribute to the success of our projects."
Zoltán Major
Entrepreneur - Expert
"Fast, flexible, and strives to maintain continuous communication with the client. I can only recommend!"
Bence Gergely
Organizational leader
"Working with Tamás is very smooth and productive because he has a modern and up-to-date approach to technology and the work environment."
Gábor Tóth
Conscious Youth Community
"During our brainstorming sessions, they always managed to come up with useful and easily applicable branding methods tailored to my needs."
Dávid Zsámboki
Music creator
"Young, dynamic, creative, and open-minded, it's a pleasure to work with him. The CampOffline brand would be much duller without Tamás."
Betty Andrási

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"Hihetetlen magas szintű és sokrétű szakmaiság! Kiváló minőség 👌"
Martina Bakács
"Profi csapat kreatív és egyedi ötletekkel. gyorsan és pontosan dolgoznak"
"Profi, segítőkész csapat, jó kommunikáció, remek munka"
Fanni Varga-Tóth
Profi csapat kreatív és egyedi ötletekkel. gyorsan és pontosan dolgoznak

weboldal gyorsan

We will respond immediately,
We work quickly,
We plan for the long term.

International quality at domestic prices


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